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Audra McLaughlin flops NBA national anthem: ‘S–t happens’

Country singer Audra McLaughlin was left devastated when she forgot the words to the national anthem just moments before the 76ers game against the Knicks tipped off in Philadelphia.

The finalist on season six of “The Voice” has since issued a series of apologies on social media — after her unfortunate choke began to spread across the internet.

“I just have to say. Things happen. I’m human and made a mistake. Im not happy about it,” McLaughlin wrote on Twitter. “I was pretty embarrassed to say the least. There’s no reason to be a hater or a bully, i don’t associate with people like that. I hope u can understand that I’m human and made a mistake.”

Audra McLaughlin
Audra McLaughlinFilmMagic

McLaughlin sang her heart out in a spirited performance right up until she skipped several lines toward the end of her “Star-Spangled Banner” rendition.

After clearly forgetting the words in the middle of a line, McLaughlin simply skipped to the final line of the song and went with, “For the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

“I have to tell u. I’ve performed the national Anthem 1000 times in my entire life,” she wrote to one fan’s complaint on Twitter. “That was the first time I’ve ever had a mishap. Sometimes s–t happens and I have to say I was pretty upset about it. But I’m human and made a mistake.”

There was an awkward, silent pause around Wells Fargo Arena immediately after she finished, before the team’s court announcer stepped in to continue the prematch proceedings.

It’s just unfortunate that the Sixers on Wednesday happened to be honoring troops from the 314th recruiting squadron color guard.

She made a fast exit as soon as the anthem was concluded.

McLaughlin responded to criticism online by asking for forgiveness after an innocent mistake. She also posted video her soundcheck, saying it “went well lol.”

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