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Ben Simmons calls 76ers soft and Jimmy Butler doesn’t agree

Philadelphia 76ers superstar Ben Simmons, after a close 123-121 loss to the Atlanta Hawks, said that his own team is soft. The Sixers have struggled as of late, and a loss to the Hawks is pretty embarrassing.

Simmons told ESPN:

“I think we were too soft. I just don’t think we’re physical enough. I think defensively, we’re not taking it personal enough when guys score on us. It should be a pride thing when somebody scores; you should be frustrated every time. I think that comes with age — we have a lot of young guys — but at the same time, I think we have to expect more from each other to get better and get to that next level. ‘Cause I know once playoff time comes, it’s another level. We have to take it as a challenge. You don’t wanna come out on the floor and have guys go at you every game. You wanna make that a pride thing. You wanna come out and get stops and lock down your man. And that’s everybody, including me.”

His teammate Jimmy Butler did not agree with Simmons’ sentiments:

“I don’t like the word ‘soft. I just don’t think that we did what we were supposed to do.”

There seems to have been some ongoing tension between Butler and the team. Butler in the past couple of weeks has even gotten into a heated argument with his head coach Brett Brown. The 76ers may be falling off unless they figure out a way to work out a way to play together. They cannot continue to lose to mediocre teams, especially when they’re fighting to keep a top seed in the Eastern Conference.

The 76ers are now 27-16 on the season and are currently sitting in the fourth seed of the NBA’s Eastern Conference. They will face off next against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

Nevertheless, Ben Simmons and Jimmy Butler disagreeing on a level of softness is funny.

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