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Carmelo Anthony: Philadelphia 76ers Are Not Interested

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Carmelo Anthony discussing a play with a referee.

Are the Philadelphia 76ers interested in Houston Rockets forward, Carmelo Anthony? That’s the word around the social media streets on Monday morning. With everybody being aware of the Sixers being active on the trade market, and continuously trying to improve, some rumors were going around that the Sixers have developed an interest in acquiring Anthony just as his time in Houston seems to be coming to a close.

It’s not surprising that Carmelo Anthony is struggling to fit in with the Rockets. After all, Anthony has been a bit of a misfit over the years. His situation with the New York Knicks eventually went sour, so he packed up and headed to Oklahoma City with the Thunder. We all know how that didn’t go so great, so he stepped into a new role with Houston, which required him to come off of the bench.

Now, we can all assume that superstars who were once at the top of their game always have a hard time dealing with coming off of the bench. So, it’s no surprise to see that Anthony was not too thrilled about it. Of course, Anthony wasn’t useful for the Rockets, and now he’s dealing with a ton of extra problems within the locker room, and with the front office. His days in Houston are numbered, and he may be on a new team sooner than later.

Will He Go to the Sixers?

It’s unclear where the rumors started, but Carmelo Anthony to the Sixers rumors picked up heavily on Monday morning. Kyle Neubeck of Philly Voice got on the phone to talk to some sources to confirm if any of the rumors had any truth to them, and apparently, Twitter is just grasping at straws with Anthony potentially joining the Sixers.

Seeing how everything went for Carmelo over the past few years, there may be a ton of teams who are going to avoid that trap. Fortunately for Sixers fans who hated this idea, it looks like it’s not going to happen. Jimmy Butler may not be enough, but they are searching for bigger and better players, not one who has struggled over the last few years.

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