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DJ Hogg a name to watch on Exhibit 10 deal

The Philadelphia 76ers have signed rookie forward DJ Hogg to an Exhibit 10 contract.

Following a 3-1 preseason, the Philadelphia 76ers must trim their roster down to 17 players. Right now all 17 slots are filled, which means the fringe pieces are fighting an uphill battle with one week until the regular season.

Now joining the mix is DJ Hogg, who signed an Exhibit 10 deal Monday night, according to The Athletic’s Michael Scotto. Hogg played three seasons at Texas A&M, averaging 9.3 points and 4.3 rebounds, before spending Summer League with New Orleans.

Billed as a shooter during his college career, Hogg was often held back by off-court issues. He was suspended on multiple occasions for violating team rules, making his impact inconsistent and sporadic. During his A&M tenure, Hogg shot 36 percent from deep on 4.7 attempts per game.

At his best, Hogg is a 6-foot-8 forward who can space the floor and use his length defensively. The Sixers need to cultivate shooters alongside their core, so adding Hogg to their developmental program makes sense.

For those who are unfamiliar with Exhibit 10 deals, the premise is simple. It gives a player an incentive to sign with the team’s G-League squad after being waived. Here’s a quick example from Hoops Rumors:

Let’s say an undrafted rookie signs an Exhibit 10 contract with the Knicks that includes a $50K bonus. He attends camp with the Knicks, but is waived before the regular season begins, with New York designating him an affiliate player in order to retain his G League rights. In that scenario, if the rookie elects to play in the G League for the Westchester Knicks and remains with the club for 60 days, he’d be entitled to his full $50K bonus.

The player wouldn’t receive that bonus if he opts to sign with a team overseas after being waived by the Knicks. Essentially, the Exhibit 10 bonus serves as an incentive for players to stick with their team’s G League affiliate — they must spend at least 60 days with the NBAGL club in order to get their bonus.

Hogg’s chances of making the final roster are slim at best. Demetrius Jackson‘s two-way contract will eventually end, but the purpose behind signing Hogg is to get him in a Delaware Blue Coats uniform.

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The Sixers’ season kicks off one week from today, Oct. 16, against the Boston Celtics. Hogg will be most likely be off the roster and on his way to Delaware at that point. Hogg was a four-star recruit coming out of high school.

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