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JJ Redick lost out on a car deal because he’s not on social media

JJ Redick’s life without social media comes with certain drawbacks, as the Philadelphia 76ers guard is starting to learn. The dynamic 3-point threat is missing out on potential endorsement deals because of his social media exodus.

“I was trying to get a car deal because I drive back and forth between Brooklyn and Philly, because I’ve been driving myself this year,” Redick said to Tom Haberstroh on The Habershow podcast. “And the car companies were like, ‘Well, you’re not on social media so there’s no benefit to us.’ I said, ‘that’s fine.’”

It’s unfortunate that Redick lost any potential deal, but it’s not really surprising. In today’s age of social media, companies want their spokespersons to be front and center in social media campaigns.

But Redick doesn’t seem to regret his choice to delete all of his social media accounts. He’s taking all the free time he has to read as many books as possible this year as a result of his aversion to social media.

“This year,” he said, “I’d like to read 24 books – two a month.”

With all the time Redick has on his hands without social media, it sounds like he’s planning to spend that time productively. The veteran sharpshooter would probably love to have the money from an endorsement deal. But at this point in his career, the juice might not be worth the squeeze.

Redick has made close to $100 million during his career, so he’s willing to miss out on that car deal money in order to stay away from social media.

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