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Positives of playing Jerryd Bayless during preseason

For the Philadelphia 76ers, there are several positives for the franchise to play veteran combo guard Jerryd Bayless during the preseason.

The fact that Markelle Fultz started over J.J. Redick is the biggest rotation change up for the Philadelphia 76ers in their first preseason game versus the Melbourne United. However, it wasn’t the only rotation change that is note worthy that the Sixers made. Having Jerryd Bayless be the first ball handler off the bench is rather an interesting move made by head coach Brett Brown and his staff.

In 14 minutes of playing time, Bayless had four points, three rebounds and one steal, while shooting 2-4 from the floor. Due to the fact that Bayless played in the first three quarters and T.J. McConnell not seeing anytime until the fourth quarter should raise some eyebrows. For a veteran who had an uncertain future with the club going into training camp, the move comes as a surprise.

Regardless of the reason why Bayless got playing time, there are several positives that can come from it. The first being, as Co-Site Expert of The Sixer Sense Christopher Kline has elaborated on several times, this could be a sign that the 76ers are trying to reincorporate Bayless back into the rotation. Bayless’ shooting abilities would be a welcomed in the bench lineup.

Another possible outcome from Bayless getting increased playing time is that another team could become interested in the combo guard’s services. If Bayless continues to get this type of playing time and performs well, then the Sixers could unload him for either a much needed wing player or a future draft asset.

The final possible outcome from Bayless playing is that he performs so poorly during the preseason that it makes it impossible for the Sixers to play or trade him. It would force the club to waive him. While not the ideal situation or outcome, it would push new general manger Elton Brand to move on from the guard. If Bayless is unable to perform and is waived, it would be a fresh start for him and the club, which is a win for both sides.

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Playing Bayless over McConnell shouldn’t cause McConnell to regress, so having Bayless play during the preseason can only yield positive results for the Philadelphia 76ers. Regardless of the how Bayless plays during the preseason, it will help the organization figure out if he has a future with the club or not. Finding out if Bayless has a future with the 76ers or not can only be taken as a positive.

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